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Airtel Loan Ussd Code Number and All Network Loan Codes for Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance and Uninor

Almost all telecom company provides Talktime on loan service. Using it you can get loan upto Rs 10 in emergency. Like you need to do some urgent call and you found that you don’t have balace or your balance is very low. In that case you can get talktime loan with these company. All companies have different codes for talktime loans. Here i am posting all Loan Ussd codes or Loan Ussd codeNumbers for Airtel, Loan ussd Number for Idea, Aircel Loan ussd codes,Vodafone Loan Codes and Loan Ussd codes for BSNL, Reliance , Tata Docomo and Uninor.

This talk time loan service is very helpful, it saved me many times. Generally we people recharge our mobile, when our balance get zero, and in that zero talk time situation, if we need to talk to somebody, we are helpless. But here i will tell you a trick to get loan from your mobile company in low balance or zero balance situation. Like talktime loan , you can also take internet data loan.

Loan ussd codes and Loan Ussd numbers List

If you have zero balance then you can also try my Free recharge trick or Free calling trick and also ask your friend to transfer mobile balance. And if you have forget your mobile number then you need to try codes to find own mobile number. And you can also transfer your talktime balance for al networks.

Loan Ussd Number and Loan Ussd Codes or Loan USSD Codes

Before you take loan , i must tell you that you have to repay your loan with 10-20% extra amount. As it is named loan means you have to pay principal amount and its interest also. Same here when you take Talk Time loan , you have to pay extra. Like if you have taken loan of Rs 10 then you have to pay Rs 12-15 depending upon your mobile network. Lets now discuss How to take Talktime loan on different telecom companies or Loan Numbers for all telecom networks.

Airtel Loan Ussd Number or Airtel Loan Ussd Code

If your balance is below Rs 5 , then you can take loan from Airtel India. For this you need to dial Airtel Loan Number or Airtel Loan Code.

Loan Ussd code Airtel

So if your balance is less then Rs 5, You can dial *141*10# (Airtel loan number) or can also call 52141 to get a talktime of Rs 10. Which you have to repay when you recharge next time. They will automatically deduct this balance from your account.

Vodafone Ussd Loan Number or Vodafone Ussd  Loan Code

Now you can get talktime on loan from your vodafone number. Let me tell How to get loan in Vodafone?. For this you just need to dial this Vodafone Loan Number : 1241.
Beside talktime loan you also need to check the trick to take data Mb loan in Vodafone. 

Vodafone Ussd  loan code for 

Or SMS CREDIT to 144.

After this you can chose from 3 loan offers from Vodafone. Get loan of Rs 5, 10 or 25. And you have to repay Rs 6, 12 and 28. 

Idea Loan ussd Number or Idea Loan Ussd Code

If you have low balance on your Idea number and you want to do some call , you can easily get talktime loan from Idea by dialing this Idea Loan Number.

Loan Ussd code for idea

To get Rs 10 talktime loan on your Idea number, just Dial Idea Loan Number : *150*10#

But for this your your balance should be less then Rs 2 and you must be an idea customer for atleast 90 days. For Rs 10 loan they will deduct Rs 13.80 from your next recharge.

To get Rs 5 talktime loan on your Idea number, just Dial Idea Loan Number : *165*5#.
For this they will deduct Rs 6 on your next recharge. But for this your balance should be less then Rs 1.

You can also Get Rs 4 loan on idea by dialing this Idea Loan Code : *444#. Rs 5 will be deducted on your next recharge.

Aircel Loan Ussd Number or Aircel Ussd Loan Code

Loan Ussd code for aircel

Now you can get Rs 10 loan on Aircel, if your aircel balance is below Rs 10. You can get instant loan on Aircel, using this Aircel Loan ussd Code. To get loan you need to dial *414# or 12880 or SMS LOAN to 55414.

Aircel charges Rs 2 extra for this loan service. That means you will be charges Rs 12 on your next recharge.

Reliance Ussd Loan Number or Reliance Ussd Loan Code

Reliance also provide loan service, but to avail this service you need to know Reliance ussd Loan number or reliance Loan Code. If you are a Relaince GSM customer, you can take loan of Rs 5 or Rs 10.

loan ussd code for releiance

Reliance Loan Number : *141#

or SMS YCR to 51234

After you dial this Reliance Loan code, you have two options of Rs 5 and Rs 10 talktime.

BSNL Loan Ussd Number or BSNL Ussd Loan Code

Happy news to all BSNL prepaid mobile customer, now you can also get Loan on your BSNL number. For this you need to know BSNL  code that i am showing here.

Bsnl Ussd Loan Code 

How to get Loan on BSNL ?

To get loan on your BSNL mobile , just SMS CREDIT to 53738.

Now if you recharge within 24 hours only RS 10 will be deduct from your account otherwise Rs 11 will be deduct after 24 hours.

DOCOMO Loan Number or DOCOMO Loan Code

This Talktime on Loan service is  available for DOCOMO users. So there is *3663 Loan code for DOCOMO.

Docomo Ussd Loan number is - *366#

So now you can easily get loan on any mobile network. As such i have listed all mobile network Loan Code. But if you have problem with these code or if these codes does not work for you let me know in comments. Well you must share these Loan USSD codes or Loan number for Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance with your friends. SO that they can also take advantage of this service.
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