Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to Unlock Memory Card Forget Password Recover

Manytime we are forget our mobile phone’s micro SD car card’s or memory card’s lock code number, Using this you can Unlock card of Xolo, Carbon, Spice, Sony, Blackberry, Iphon, Ipad, Nokia, Samsung. If we send to professional worker of mobiles phones they take some money for this, Maybe they will do it by formatting, But day we are sharing with you some tips and tricks also useful codes using that you can recover your memory card password very easy without any money.
Actually one day i was also forget it then i think if i have any trick for this you that i can do it
but on that time i was not. Then i test some method for all mobile and get some useful and fast method for this, which is also sharing with you.

What is Memory card password remover recover Method

If are you thinking that using one method you can done all mobile phones micro SD card, but i wanna clear with you that all type mobile like os, android and other all have different method for this, Its depend on mobile type or device series, But don’t worry we are trying to share with you all complete method for this for all type mobile phone. I am sharing with you many method using that you can done any card.

Method 1 –  by Bluetooth

First you must go on file manager of your Phone.
Now simply Settings choose system folders,
Now Find  mmcstore in system folder.
Just send that mmcstore file to pc using IR/Bluetooth
Now open that file using Notepad in your Computer.
Just search your password you will see within there.

Method 2 – By Symbian Mobiles

First you must install X-Plore using mfire Application.
After Install X-Plore open it and press Zero
You must  select “Show the System Files”
After this go on     C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore
After get Above Path just open HEX Viewer by Press 3
There you will see many Column just see third column.
You will see like ! TMSD02G (c ??”? x???3?3?3?3?3) codes,
You will see your password between ‘?’ character and not it and done

Method 3-

First you must Install mfire FExplorer
Now insert you sd card in your mobile without accessing.
Now using  FExplorer just Mobile path C:system
Now search mmcstore and rename it to mmcstore.txt
For this copy mmcstore.txt and open using not pad in PC
Than you will see your card password within there.


Guys we are trying to share many method for this, If you have any question you can ask us by comment below, because its not easy method, So if you wanna done this method you must read first care fully any of these tutorial, After complete understand just do it, If you follow all steps you will do it, Thanks for visit our blog and keep for more tips and
tricks of mobile.


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